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There is always something exciting and fun happening at Kenco.  Take a look at our upcoming events for the rest of the year and for 2016.  From January through March we offer two archery leagues. As Spring approaches, we start looking forward to the Kayak Truckload Sale, Outdoor Festival, Kingston Kayak Festival and Archery Fest.  Spring through Fall we offer fly fishing lessons and kayak lessons.  To learn even more, take a look at our past events



May 22-July 24, 2017   TechnoHunt Summer League
June 15-30 2017   TechnoHunt Tournament

$3000 in prizes available! One grand prize in each shooting class, plus two random prizes for participants. In order to participate, you will need to register in advance with TechnoHunt. $10 Entry Fee with TechnoHunt, $10 to shoot at Kenco. For more information on how it works and official rules, click here.

June 10, 2017   Kingston Kayak Festival
    Meet us at Kingston Point Beach for a day full of kayaking demonstrations, tours, lessons, and more. Sponsored in conjunction with the City of Kingston. You can even paddle with the Mayor! For more information, click here.
July 29, 2017   Archery Festival
August 1-31, 2017   Archery Small Game Tournament
Sept 1-24, 2017   Archery Big Game Tournament
Oct 9 - Dec 11, 2017   TechnoHunt Fall League
Spring - Fall   Fly Fishing Classes
Fly Fishing 101  

Kenco offers a Fly Fishing 101 class every Saturday at 10:00 am. Do you want to get on the water and try fly fishing but don’t know the difference between a Caddis and a Wooly Bugger? Then join us and learn how fly fishing can be a fun, easy and exciting way to enjoy the outdoors.

Our skilled Orvis-trained instructors will guide you, step-by-step, through the different styles of casting.  All necessary fly-casting equipment is provided.  To find out more and book online click here!

Fly Fishing 201  

If you’ve already completed our Fly Fishing 101 class, you’re ready for the next step. We are offering a fishing class on local waters with a chance to catch your first fish! The class will include instruction on stream and includes how to choose the perfect fly, casting and setting your fly, safely releasing your catch and fish identification.

Fly Fishing 201 runs about 3 hours. Bring your fishing equipment and we will inspect your gear, talk about insects and discuss potential conditions.  To find out and book online more click here!

Spring - Fall   Kayak Classes
Introduction to Kayaking   The Introduction to Kayaking class is designed as a short program emphasizing safety, enjoyment and skill acquisition for entry-level individuals. This course is appropriate for all kayak craft, including traditional decked kayaks, inflatables and sit on tops. Presentations include dressing to paddle safely and potential paddling hazards. Simple rescues are demonstrated by the instructor combined with paddling skills practiced by students to maneuver safely and comfortably on still water.  Our instructor, Gunter Spilhaus, is a member of the American Canoe Association (ACA) with a Level 3 Coastal Kayak instructor certification, and is also a U.S. Coast Guard Captain.  To find out more and book online click here!
Essentials of Kayak Touring   The Essentials of Kayak Touring class is designed to teach beginner paddlers to safely and enjoyably kayak on lakes, calm protected ocean environments and other flatwater settings. We will use touring kayaks that have at least one sealed bulkhead or flotation. The course is focused on learning to travel safely and efficiently by kayak. There is more emphasis on practicing simple rescues,  strokes and maneuvers, understanding tides and currents, the use of a compass and a review of emergency equipment and the basic rules of the road.  To find out more and book online click here!
Year-Round   TechnoHUNT Interactive Indoor Archery

Our TechnoHUNT interactive indoor archery range is simulated archery hunting at its best.  The system features high-definition hunting scenarios and interactive archery target shooting.  TechnoHUNT is fun for recreational and experienced hunting archers!  We also have certified instructors, leagues and competition events. Kenco is a place to associate with the hundreds of men, women, and children who have found archery to be an important part of their lives.  Reservations are suggested, as the range can get busy at peak times.  To find out more click here!


1000 Hurley mountain road kingston, NY 12401 (845) 340-NoSkype0552
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